The DSC Team

Meet our platform specific Members.

Shakeel Sahu
HP/ IBM/Dell
He has specialized in enterprise level HP hardware for the last 10 years, procuring millions of dollars in hardware and saving his customers huge amounts on their IT budget.  He has a deep understanding of the entire HP product offering, including servers, storage, and networking hardware.  Shakeel has built countless relationships over the years that allow him to offer both new and refurbished HP hardware at extremely competitive pricing. He’s worked in both end user and broker markets, so he truly understands all aspects of the hardware procurement process, resulting in you getting the most out of your IT hardware budget
Shadha Kandthiyil
Dell/HP/Lenevo/Acer/MSI/ laptops spares
Shadha has over 2 years of industry experience all within the Dell/HP/Lenevo/Acer platform.  She specializes in enterprise level Dell/IBM/HP/Acer hardware across laptops and networking and storage and has helped DSC to achieve very good market status.  Shadha has very good customer relation with our clients all across the middle east and UAE.
Technical Support Engineer.
Sajid has 7 years of experience in the field of Mac and Windows based laptops, Workstations, Desktop PC and Servers, Storages and Networking. He is very humble and highly dedicated and should be an asset for DSC growth. Obviously help the clients to support remotely to resolve their technical issues.
Sanifaaz Aikat
Retail Sale
Sanifaaz has excelled in the hardware resale business for over 2 years. As the retail sales engineer, Sanifaaz brings an extensive understanding of both the new and refurbished hardware market, resulting in you maximizing your IT budget.  His network in the hardware industry also allows Sanifaaz to purchase your end of life IT assets, ensuring you a maximum return on investment.